voice remind

Voice remind

Voice remind during speed limitation 

by speed governor

You use GPS speed governor to speed down the car. However, you do not have to do that every time. That is because too frequent speed control may bring unknown troubles to the car.  If driver can slow down before speed limitation, that will be better. Reminding feature will be a good choice to resolve this issue. 

Current reminding way is to set a siren or alarm. when the car is speeding, make a noise sound and then start speed limitation at once. I have to say this way works in reminding, but also scares the driver who  concentrate on driving.  This may not avoid accident, on the contrary, it increases the chance of crashing.

Oner Speed governor supports voice remind. Driver will hear 3-4 voice recordings while speeding, which broadcasts in different phases.

  • Phase 1: speed governor detect speeding,  and start broadcasting 1st voice record.
  • Phase 2: if the driver does not slow down in 15 sec, start broadcasting the 2nd record. And at the same time, speed governor will speed down the car.  You will see speeding alert in the tracking system, as well as saving in the SD card. 
  • Phase 3: speed limitation complete, driver will hear the 3rd voice record. And then he can start to drive the car as normal. 

By this way, it will never scare the driver and cause crash,  and also reduce chance of speed limitation, less bad effective to car.

Date: 十月 20, 2015
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