Refrigerated Van

GPS tracking device with temperature for refrigerated van

In refrigerated transport industry,What is the key to drive benefits? First, to ensure their load gets to the destination on time. Second, to keep the cargo is at the right temperature through the trip. It looks simple, but it still has some troubles in actual operation. Oner GPS tracking device with temperature, it will be a useful tool for you to get above target and get more benefits. 

Temperature monitoring in real timeGPS Tracking device with temperature

with high precision senor, you can get actual temperature data via online tracking platform.  Driver can see the temperature by LCD display. He can take a positive action for any change of the temperature. 

Avoid the problem caused by door unlocked/opened.

During the trip to destination, refrigerated van bumps down on the road and the door open, driver will get notification via oner GPS tracker. That is helpful to avoid frozen food or medicine being lousy. 

Keep van safety, avoid crash, and get to the destination on time. 

  • Oner online tracking software supports online van control, POI/geofence management, etc. All these force driver to do the task with good driving behaviors. 
  • Online van control, stop the stolen van at once.
  • POI/genfence management: no one can go another place or do private job during the trip. 
  • Speed limitation: speed down the van, avoid speeding crush. 

All above maximize to reduce any trouble on the road, keep refrigerated van safety and ensure their load to destination on time. 

Save paper work and time 

Get a valuable data about temperature change for a set time,  and show you when and where a temperature threshold was exceeded. You do not have to take much time to do paper work, and these report can be a reference for your fleet conduction plan. Save lot of  paper work. 


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