The 3 tips you should know on how to select a GPS tracking solution


The 3 tips you should know on how to select a GPS tracking solution

Using GPS tracking solution to improve fleet operations is accepted by more and more fleet owners. But how to select the GPS tracking solution to improve working efficient and save money? there are so many options, and none of them is not so simple as seen.

Here is some tips for you. 

1. GPS tracking with driver identify

That is the first rule for choosing the good GPS tracking solution.

In common solution, you can get service as follows:

  • Real time tracking allows you ability to track the exact location of the fleet.
  • Multiple alerts notify you for any change of  fleet in time, and you can take a positive action before problems come. 
  • Remote control help you recover the stolen car.

But most of problems cause by bad driving behaviors, like crashing, get speeding ticket, etc. And what the worse is such problems happened time after time. why? fleet owner fail to know who drove the car at that time.

Driver identify can show you all the details (events and drivers info). Even if it is too late when you know who did that , at least this can impose restriction on the driver. It is helpful in reduce traffic accident, keep car and driver safety. 

2. Permission/power assignment, set your own management. 

The better fleet management may look like as below:

  • Staff in the control room just can see the location, and give some guides to the destination only;
  • Fleet leader  is able to do remote control, set alerts to the vehicles in his fleet. Once things happen ( accident, new task, car stolen), he can take action. 
  • General manager has right to assign the cars and drivers to one fleet team, set one as leader and give him/her permission. Manager also take charge of vehicle data analytics. He can know the daily fuel consumption, the numbers of cars need maintenance, total odometers, idling time, etc.

Fleet owner has the rights to do such permission and power assignment. In other words, you can ask right person to do the right thing. that is the second tips. 

3.  Automatic report

General manager will get reports by email every day. He takes much effort to do data analytics one time and make a new plan for company conduction after discussing with fleet owner.  The left time is to get more business for the company. 



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  1. WirelessTracking 回复

    Now tracking is the basic need of every vehicle owner, especially in order to prevent the speedily increases stolen cases and also to keep eye on your vehicle either in your absence or presence. Tracking is now easy with Gps tracking devices and cheap with a one-year free subscription from our own Uk based server.

    • oner team 回复

      Yes, you are right. Simple tracking is easy to operate for clients with low cost. But it does not mean that clients do not need more better features/solutions. A tracking system with Free Capacity Assignment allows clients to do fleet tracking as they want. And what if any one need special service, you can serve him well, rather than saying ” sorry” and just let go.

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