The tips you should know to do temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

The tips you should know to do temperature monitoring

A broken or malfunctioning refrigerator of van can mean a loss of thousands of dollars of product. Understanding what your freezing devices are doing in real-time is critical to understanding the core of  business. 

So Keep it fresh is the biggest challenge in transporting perishables for a fleet owner. However, drivers cannot always be relied upon to the compartments. It is necessary to do the real time temperature monitoring across the entire cold chain.

Then how to do the temperature monitoring to refrigerated van?

General speaking, a broken refrigerator happen during the delivery. It is too late when driver in the driving room find this problem. What we need is the notifying in time to driver or the control room.

To fulfill this requirement, you need a few of components as follows: 

1. Temperature sensor . 

adjustable: It allows you to adjust the length of sensor, to put it to any place of refrigerator. 

Water-proof and Preventing rust: drops caused by temperature rise may make it work badly if sensor can not prevent rust. 

High precision: temperature error control at +-0.1 ° C. That is enough for common refrigerated van. If you need more accurate, it is necessary to customize. 

2. LCD display

When refrigerator is broken on the trip, only driver can handle. It is necessary to set a LCD display to show driver the current temperature. If possible, you can add a siren or voice speaker, driver can get sound alarming. 

temperature monitoring

3. online system with SMS/email notification

Control room also need to know if the temperature change. Online system will show them a graph of temperature, and they can know what happen by alarming wave, SMS, email.  Staff in the control room can tell the drivers if they leave the car and take a break. 

So that required online monitoring feature. 

Onertrack GPS temperature tracking device  OCT900-T supports analog input with high precision (12 digits). It makes you ability to detect accurate temperature. . You  also can set alerts to notify  you of any temp change. It is helpful in preventing cold chain error. 

  • Do temperature monitoring in real time with high precision ( ±0.1 ° C);
  • Support adjustable temperature sensor, easy to install;
  • Show the current temperature by digital display, to take action once they find any change of temperature;
  • Set alerts to notify you when any temperature change;
  • Real time tracking, to know where the van is;
  • Provides an integrated graphical view and reports of your fleet temperatures via online tracking system


For more info, please contact with us at onertrack.

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