Vehicle Tracking for Towing industry

For towing companies, their daily work is to tow a car to a dealer,  recovering a stolen car, charging a battery,etc. It looks simple, and to earn more money, this industry relies more upon promptness. After all,  customers call you, that means they are in emergency situation. In this case, your promptness decide the success to this business. 

Ramp up  efficiencyvehicle tracking

With oner gps tracking software, you are able to get the exact location of each car.  So what you to do is to make their work be more smother. 

  • Dispatch 

After getting the call, check which car is close to the customer via tracking platform. Dispatch that car to the destination at once.

  • Navigation

The worst thing you don’t want to meet is the traffic jam, but in deed you could meet it many times. To arrive the destination in time, you can check the map and tell the driver to avoid the jammed roads. 

  • Fence/route schedule

No time to waste, so it is not allowed that driver go to another place while on task.  Set forbidden area as entering fence. When the car enter such area, alert active and you can get notification. Set route to the destination, if you get alert, that mean driver already go to another place. You should take action at once. 

These features can reduce different troubles on the road ( traffic jam, bad driving behaviors, etc). You can win much more response time. That is why customer do business with you. 

Vehicle and driver safety.

Except the working efficiency, what you also care is the safety of vehicle and driver. Speed limitation of oner tracking solution could slow down the car, and avoid the damage caused by speed.

 Oner vehicle tracking devices make the work be more smoother, fast response time, better communication. What is more, make responsibility be clear. No frustrating such like 2 driver arriving at a destination, each thinking it was their responsibility. And of course, earn more money. 

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