Vehicle Trackers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Why don’t my vehicle trackers work in the tracking system?

The devices cannot work in the system until after it makes its first transmission. Make sure the parameter configuration is correct, and then take the devices for a drive and it should immediately begin tracking. If the device is low power, it also can not work in the system. make sure the device connect with car battery probably. 

2. GPS tracker is online in the system, but the location is old, does the satellite have problem?

This issue is that GPS tracker do not get updated location from the satellite. There are 2 reasons for this issue. 

A) Tracking device enter the place where can not get GPS signal. For example, parking lot, garage. When the car leaves such place, GPS signal will recover automatically. 

B) GPS antenna was installed to the wrong place, or covered by metal. We recommend a physical inspection of the device.

3. Why Vehicle trackers go offline when i park my car, and online only when the car is on? 

you do not turn on the back up battery switch, and install tracker to car engine or ignition. 

When car is on, tracker gets power and then it comes online. However, No external power to tracker when the car is off, and back up battery is also inactive, tracker goes offline. 

Please reconnect tracker to car battery, and turn on the back up battery switch. 

4. Why my vehicle trackers can not stop the car ?

You can not stop the car until you use the correct relay. Make sure the voltage of your car is the same with relay.  Generally speaking, car use 12V relay, and truck need 24V relay. 

If the relay is correct, then start the car by key, and send start car command. If the car stop, that mean you do the opposite wiring of relay.  please reconnect the relay.

5. I can get exact location from car tracker, but it does show old info in the tracking software, what happen?

The issue is caused by GPRS network.

A) Check with sim card provider to make sure if GPRS is inactive by  mistake. 

B) Check GPRS traffic is enough. Some SIM cards use prepaid service pack. For example, $5 service, include free 200 SMS. 5MB GPRS traffic. Tracker run out the GPRS traffic, but still have SMS left. 

6. I have many warehouses, and want to know if any car arrive in time, Is that possible?

GPS tracker supports POI features, you can set warehouse as POI, and active alert. When the car arrive POI, you can get notification. 

7. I set one warehouse as arriving fence for my cars.  When they arrive it, i can know that. But i get too many alerts as these cars keep arriving and leaving this warehouse. Any tips for this issue?

You can set active time of arriving fence alert. For example, Jan 1st-Jan 15th, Monday-Thursday, 9:00-16:00. In other times, no matter how many times the cars arrives, no alert active. 

I Have Questions Not Listed Here… Now what?

Contact our technical support at what’s APP (86-15920102162) , or leave a message at http://www.onertrack.com/contact-us  

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