How to choose a vehicle tracking device for trailer ?

 Vehicle tracking device for trailer

How to choose a vehicle tracking device for trailer

Trailers provide significant value for transportation, but also Attract the attention of criminals. According to the data from FreighWatch International, theft of cargo has peaked to a new industry high.  More trailers are targeted by thieves. Except grabbing goods stored on the trailers, but also trailers themselves.  These trailers are easy to steal, hide and sell on the market. Although the theft of trailers and cargo is on the rise, people are trying to protect their goods and trailer. GPS vehicle tracking device is a good choice to fight back the rising crimes.

However, there are many GPS vehicle tracking devices, which one is good for trailer ? Check followed hints:

  • 1) Duration of back up battery

             Unlike motor vehicle, trailer does not have power  , and tracker need it to keep working.  You need a device with long term battery, so the duration of battery is the first thing you consider.

  • 2) Water proof

             As the trailer is covered by metal, it is difficult to get signal if the device is in the trailer.  So the best way is to install it out of trailer. That required water-proof.

  • 3) Easy to hide.

             If the thieves found the devices, they also would sell them in the black market.  The device should be small size, built in antenna, and easy to hide.

  • 4) strong signal recipient

             You will hide this device with built in antenna, then it must support strong signal recipient, otherwise, no stable tracking.

So a small device with built in antenna, water proof, long term battery will be good for trailer.

Now let’s see the current solution in the market  :

1) Portable tracker with solar battery, water proof case

It can charge while tracking trailer. that sounds good. In order to get solar, you have to put it at the top of trailer, but at the same time increase the chance to be found.The conversation rate to electricity depends on the size of solar cell, and tracker with small size make itself be difficult to get enough electricity by solar.

2) Vehicle tracking device with low-energy design.

The biggest energy consumption is from CPU and module, so less application process can reduce consumption.In this case, you may do tracking with limitation, no more functions.   You can see device online, but as sleep mode always active, update location every 1 hour or more.

With this low-energy design, the tracker may work over 30 days, and the shortcoming is also obvious, not real time tracking. 

Oner is using another solution: GPS tracker with extra battery pack and water-proof casevehicle tracking device with battery pack case

Extra battery pack can offer power to tracker and let it work at least 8 days.  The water-proof case has extra antenna connectors.  It allows you to hide the case at the bottom of trailer , and  pull out the antennas to another place to get signal. By this way, thieves could not find the device so easily, and you can get complete tracking to your trailer, no limitation.

By now, i think you already know how to choose a suitable device. If you got a better idea, please share with us, we can customize for you.

For more info about GPS tracking, please visit: http://onertrack.com

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